thoughts during typhoon Aghon, 2024

2 min readMay 27, 2024
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

It was that aisle where I first saw you.

Oh, what my teenage self had done just to know your name.

It was that same aisle when I saw you again, today. It has been forever.

Even in the absence of light I recognized your back from the distance and prayed to the universe that it was not you.

It was you, I was sure.

That was for sure.

Another thing is for sure though, I can only admire you from afar.

My heart and mind has long concluded and agreed that I can never hold you in my arms nor hold your hands.

I am at peace with myself now and with that, if we ever get the chance and our eyes meet again, I will give you the sweetest smile and the cutest wave of “hi” that you have always derserved, that I have always wanted to give you.

Just so you know, moongazing does not remind me of you anymore.

How terrible those moments when I felt my heart ached just gazing at the enchanting beauty of the moon and thinking of my tragic feelings for you.

Remember when you said that you are not that tall. Well now I just realized that.

You symbolize the blue color but I think orange suits you well.

You will always be one of my beautiful tragic stories. One I can only write about but can never be told.

Even in this disastrous moment, all I ever had in mind was to pour my heart out as the rain pour hard.

I would have told you about this white cat that I saw in the middle of the street drinking from the rain puddle. I know you are a dog person but are you open to have a conversation about cats? I would never find that out but it is fine.

It is fine.

But I do hope you are having that kind of random conversation with someone you love.

Of all the creatively curated words I had for you, I pray to the universe that this will be the last one.

All of them sealed but undelivered.