Lost and Found Department

just some thoughts and feels, 2024

1 min readMay 4, 2024
Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

Inside the lost and found department,

I found a familiar old box;

So old it should belong to the bin.

Inside, there were balls of yarn and unfinished projects.

I started unraveling a loose-ends bunny beanie.

French rose and teal;

They would make a great baby doll top.

I picked my 5.0mm hook and started working on a long-forgotten project.

When will I ever have the chance to wear this?

While crocheting at 9pm, I realized I wanted to read again.

I have not read for a while.

My feet brought me to another aisle where I saw a blue drawer.

At the second top of drawer, I drawn an old book entitled, “Hey world, here I am!”

Oh, how I loved this book!

Browsed and reread some pages.

Then, I realized that I have not write poems for 3 days now!

I sat myself at the end of a long wooden sofa and played with the alphabet before I lost my thoughts.

Now I am writing this.

At the lost and found department, I found myself and all the other parts of me that I thought were lost.