This Is For You

random poem on a midnight, 2024

2 min readFeb 11, 2024
Photo by Vasilina Sirotina on Unsplash

I search for you like i long for mountains, sunrises, moon and stars in the city.

I search for you like missing something I never had.

You are nowhere in between I like and I love but everything I wish.

Knowing you feels as though having everyday walks with someone and realizing that you have dispersed into the ocean of strangers in Shibuya crossing because we never really held hands nor walked together.

Each morning I wait for the sun to rise while being on the west side;

Like I wait for you to talk to me and figure my heart out.

I was walking back and forth while you run in my mind when I saw a grafitti on an electric post that said,

“Why “

and I wanted to tape “not?” to make it

“Why not?”

Apologies for being everything you are not and also perhaps someone you will never laid eyes on.

If out of your league is a person, then I have my nametag on.

This is for you…

My dear,

We are connected and distant at the same time.

We are under the same sky but never at the same place.

This is for you…

A message in a bottle that will never be thrown in the ocean.

So how…

How will it ever reach the shore where your feet are grounded?